The Modern Jewish Wedding Details Rachel and Daniel met at an occasion where good things often happen – a Shabbat dinner. It was a hot summer night in Boston and they met friends at Vilna Shul, at a historic synagogue in Beacon Hill. The group went out for drinks afterword and as the bride said, “the rest was history!” When it came to wedding planning, the couple wanted a fairly traditional Jewish wedding with a…


Happy Wedding Wednesday!  I’m ga-ga over this fall wedding.  When I see a wedding with an October date, I automatically jump to the conclusion it will be orange and brown.  So, the surprise of Jamie’s color palette is all the more reason, I’m in love.  The Striking Vibrant Yellow against the sky-blue clear day is literally picture perfect. The yellow bursts of color made for beautiful aisle decor and a truly impressive chuppah!  The Mickie…


It’s Leap Day!  It seems fitting on this most unique day in our calendar that we should publish our most unique wedding yet! The author calls it her, “shotgun wedding.”  I call it beautiful and a mitzvah. It is everything we all want our weddings to be:  filled with love and memories of those who are closest to us! I’m grateful to Jodi for allowing me to share her blog entry with The Modern Jewish…


Mazel Tov to Kim & Josh who were married this past October 30 in a traditional Jewish wedding at the Conservative congregation, Heska Amuna Synagogue.  Kim and Josh are both lawyers, and they met while practicing law in Knoxville. Kim and Josh got married under the same Chuppah that the groom’s parents got married under 40 years ago! Their wedding included Josh’s Tisch and Kim’s Kabbalat Panim. Then, Kim sent the groom’s ring with her…

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