In the case to be made for bling today’s Modern Jewish Wedding is the evidence. Mrs. Foss (AKA the Bride Alina) looked like a princess on her wedding day.  I mean just look at her blinged out shoes.  She added a beaded headband, a beaded belt on her Cinderella ball gown and 3 beaded cake tiers as a part of her 7 layer cake. Any wedding that uses the Pantone Color of the Year, Radiant…


You may have noticed I recently jumped the shark?  In a good way!  I’ve been reprinted on the new UK Jewish Wedding Blog, Smashing the Glass.  My new British friend, Karen, recently wrote this awesome article I asked if I could share with you. How about a twist on the traditional versions of Hava Nagila or the Hora? These mp3′s will add that different element to your Jewish wedding music and make sure that yours…


I’m being honest it was hard to find a modern twist on the final portion (parsha) in the book of Leviticus–B’chukotai.  (And, boy, am I glad this middle book of the Torah (AKA The Five Books of Moses) is O-V-E-R!  But, never being one to shy away from a good challenge (if you don’t believe me see yesterday’s post on my wedding dress) I found a drash (i.e. interpretation) which spoke to me! Which brings…

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