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The Modern Jewish Wedding Details It is always so much fun to see an event planner design his or her own simcha.  Kim suffered from a very common problem when industry peeps plan, “Being a wedding planner and designer I had a blast planning things (finally i could do it exactly how I wanted … the only prob was making up m mind … I have to many ideas!!!).  I have planned so may weddings…


We’re celebrating Yom H’atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day) with a Modern Israeli Wedding. The bride tells us, “We met almost 10 years ago at a party on a Kibbutz whilst both serving in the IDF. We hit it off immediately and we dated for about 6 months … we then went separate ways  for a while but then after four years we got together and here we are four years later… married! The proposal was so romantic…


Today is Yom Ha’atmaut–Israeli Independence Day! Today, Israel will celebrate its creation and recognition by the United Nations as a state.  There will be celebrations in the street.  The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) will open up some of their bases to the public.  (Think July 4, Israeli Style!) We’re celebrating Modern Jewish Wedding Style With a Real Israeli Wedding! A young beautiful couple full of love for nature and good food. The wedding took place…


Today we feature the story of Hannah & Ilan!  Hannah is British, Ilan is Israeli and they met in LA!  In the words of the bride herself, it was an “Anglo/Israeli Fusion Wedding!” I could not be more impressed with The Dreamcatchers Videography!  They manage to capture the adorable couple (who at the end of their party dress in their respective teams’ favorite sports jerseys!) They also show us glimpses of the bride, groom and…

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