What makes a Jewish Wedding Jewish? Gut instinct what’s your answer? The chuppah!  Stomping on the glass!  The hora! Would it surprise you to know those are Jewish traditions that have nothing to do with the “Jewishness” of the actual wedding ceremony?  In fact, many of our Jewish wedding traditions are having crossover appeal to weddings of other faiths. What truly makes a Jewish (or Interfaith) wedding all its own are the Jewish Wedding vows….


Editors Note:  This article appears today on the JWI website.  JWI is one of my favorite magazines I heartily recommend a subscription not just for every Modern Jewish Bride, but also for every Modern Jewish Woman! 7 Ways to Make Shavuot Personal Try these creative strategies for adding spirituality, meaning and beauty to your holiday experience. By Aviva Norman Aviva Norman, a senior at Michigan State University, is a summer intern at Jewish Women International….


Your Jewish Wedding Vows:  An Inside Look Anyone who saw the tearjerker movie, The Vow, surely agrees, vows are a very beautiful, charming and important section of the wedding ceremony. ‘Through thick and thin,’ ‘Love is blind,’ and  ‘In sickness and in health,’ are just a few of the traditional non Jewish wedding vows you have probably heard. Many Modern Jewish & Jew-ish brides and grooms even opt to write their own personalized vows. Staying…


Avrom & Leah’s Traditional Orthodox Wedding The Modern Jewish Details As a Hassidic wedding, Avrom & Leah had each Jewish wedding tradition as a part of their wedding day. The groom studied before the wedding as a part of the groom’s tisch while Leah was entertained by the women as a part of Kabbalat Panim.   When Leah was ready, Avrom was escorted to her with dancing and merriment. Avrom had already signed the Ketubah which…


Naomi & Zalmy’s Orthodox Wedding Adheres to Strict Jewish Tradition & Ritual. The couple active in the Chabad community, maintained the beauty and significance of all the Jewish wedding rituals.  They were married in March outside with views of the Long Island Sound.  Every detail of their wedding day was designed to make them feel like royalty.  Their reception included a rousing rendition of the Hora as well as entertainment by the guests of the…

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